Family and a Fall Day

While daughter Pippin and her husband were visiting, we four went together to our favorite apple farm to shop.

They now have a poster up, showing some of the varieties they grow. Every few weeks the selection changes as different apples get ripe. And there are many more kinds than are shown here.

Some Bad Apples are getting sorted further, by what criteria I don’t know.

The patriarch of the business is packing a box with good apples. Golden Delicious, it looks like.
One of the family, a retired cowboy, makes bowls out of his used rope. I brought home a couple of those, too!
Later in the day I went for a walk with Pippin and The Professor along a road where our family used to take quiet and simple nature walks.
The first thing that caught our eye was this snake by the side of the road. We didn’t know his name.
There was a pony, but we had no carrots or anything along, so Pippin picked some leaves for him to try out.
Our favorite sight on the way was a dark barn, behind a white fence. Probably an old chicken barn, of which there are scores around here.


On the way home The Professor took us for a gelato snack. These are the colorful fruity flavors, but I chose chocolate orange.

The gelato store has an amazing candy collection, too, including these M&M’s, the likes of which I hadn’t seen before. We passed on those.
When I came home I put some of our Jonagolds and Northern Spies into my new bowl.

6 thoughts on “Family and a Fall Day

  1. Delightful! I enjoyed looking at the poster, as there are a few varieties I've not heard of before. I just came home from the store with a few very large Honey Crisps and will surprise my little ones with carmel sauce to go with them ~ yum =-)

    God's Blessings


  2. The amount of apples all in a pile is astonishing to me. I'm awaiting a nice box of McIntosh apples from a hunter who will be coming soon. They're nice to eat and to bake with.



  3. ah…making me home sick. I miss my apple trees and going to apple farms. This one looks different than the ones I know. You will have to take me sometime. I don't know how I missed this post. I am glad I scrolled back and saw it…I'm sitting here wondering, thinking and praying for H& B & baby…hoping by this time (10-10 at sunset time) the waiting is surely over.


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