Any Lurkers Out There?

I just found out, a little late, that someone has declared this National Delurker Day.  I hereby invite anyone who hasn’t already, to say hello.

It’s o.k. if you want to stay as you are, though. I understand!

(I changed the picture because a dear person pointed out to me that the first one was a tad unseemly. So now I have an N.C. Wyeth painting called “Winter” here, that reminds me how nice it is to be able to lurk at home in January.)

9 thoughts on “Any Lurkers Out There?

  1. I followed your comment over here to your blog. Hadn't seen it before, but glad to find it now. I noticed some things in your bio that we have in common besides Orthodoxy: home birthing and homeschooling. Happy Delurker Day! (There must be a national day for everything!)


  2. Hi, I've been lurking for…oh…I really have no idea and can't remember how I got here! I turned 50 and poof! my memory disappeared!

    I like your blog alot.

    I'm not a fan of Wyeth but I do like that painting!


  3. I dropped in to see what you are doing and found your wonderful recipe for apricot pie and this magnificent Wyeth painting of Winter. Also, I read my mother's copies of Kristin Lavransdatter, in three volumes, when I was in junior high, and I remember being so fascinated by Kristin and her story. I haven't seen this title mentioned in a long time. The imagery in Sigrid Undset's writing must be very powerful, for I remember this book as if I were remembering a movie. xo Kari


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