Happy Marketing


The only task I was determined to complete today was a shopping trip to a grocery store in the next town. The establishment is combination of neighborhood grocery, natural food store, and international market, and the kind of store I go into with a list of five items (like today) and after exploring and discovering up and down the aisles I leave with two big bags full of good finds. Oh, they also have a gift shop in one corner! I could spend an hour right there, browsing for the gift I wish I’d been diligent to make myself.

As I wheeled my cart in the door I was already fairly elated, having just encountered the budding vine outside — and that was after I had brilliantly noticed the jewelry store next door and got my watch battery replaced. I’d been carrying it around in my purse for a couple of months — surprising how much lighter I felt, getting it back on my wrist instead.

Maybe I was so smart, and elated, partly because of all the caffeine I’d been imbibing on my morning off from the gym. Besides the shopping trip, I did have in the back of my mind the idea of thoroughly vacuuming several rooms in the house. The day’s not over, so who can tell….

My favorite place to shop carries items that I can’t get any longer at Trader Joe’s (Ezekiel 4:9 bread) or other grocery stores (Roastaroma tea) and some standard items at great discount (obscure brands of olive oil). And, I admit, some just plain weird things.

I often get bogged down in the kitchen aisle, looking at cute European utensils including my downfall, knives. This time I paid $2 for the tea strainer to replace our old one that is all mangled and rusty.

I had even been sharp enough to remember to bring in my reusable shopping bags. It does seem to me that the checkers at this store are a little less warm when I don’t. It all comes of living in the kind of place where people take their Wine Country Vacations.

Another thing I like about my market is that they never have tacky holiday displays. Today I didn’t notice the window until I had loaded my bags and was back in my car. So I got out again to mark the advent of spring behind the cigarettes. Happy March!

8 thoughts on “Happy Marketing

  1. What a lovely store! I wish we had a Trader Joe's closer to us. It's about an hour away. Hmm – isn't there just something vaguely disturbing about that spring display in front of those cigarettes? Kind of says, “smoky daffodils” to me – haha!

    Oh, BTW, lately when I click over into your blog from my Google Reader, almost immediately it takes me to another, different page, something called “Orthodox Mothers.” I have to close out that page, back to Google Reader, and then your blog again, to get here, to comment. Don't know if you intend for your blog to redirect folks that way, but thought you might want to know.


  2. M.K., the WebRing feature (and the site within it, Orthodox Mothers) was interfering sometimes even while I was composing a blog, so I just removed myself from that network. Sorry for the bother!


  3. Nothing quite as enjoyable as a leisurely stroll through a good grocery store and especially with a short list!! I spent my afternoon at Kroger with a long list, but I stopped for a strawberry smoothie to take with me so that made it a little more bearable. =D

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  4. I'd like to take a trip there myself. Happy March! Except it's another couple months of winter here; as I moaned to Bub a minute before reading your post, “in OTHER places it's spring!” Which makes snow offensive. Oh well, it is still beautiful.

    I was having the same problem M.K. describes with the Orthodox Mothers. Sorry it didn't cooperate with you.

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  5. I would just love to grocery shop with you at the little store. I don't have Trader Joe's where I live, but I always go when I am in a city that has one. I have a nice, local health food store that I enjoy browsing in and like you, I always come out with a little more than I intended. I'm always glad to support small, local stores.

    Happy March! I'll enjoy your buds and blooms from afar.


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  6. What a nice store! I enjoyed your post and wanted to thank you so much for the sweet comment on my new quilt. I didn't realize I had fans who wait to see my next thing! It made me feel happy and important 🙂 May you have a blessed day and receive all good things.

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  7. I love shopping at a nice store. My weekly trip is to a perfectly good store, and probably the nicest “regular” grocery store, but I love popping into Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, more of a treat for me with all their specialty items and lovely cheeses.


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