Valentine and Grenadine

Meet my darling Miss Grenadine. She was a birthday present from Mr. Glad, and here she sits on the chair next to my computer table, keeping me company. She is small and squishable and even machine-washable, so that I could take her places in my purse and let toddler grand-girls play with her.

She came from Corolle dolls equipped with that cute name, so I don’t have to think up a new one. Any of you grandmas or mamas who like her should know that she’s even safe for newborns. She’s a doll of a doll!

I had to spend much of my birthday on an airplane, which is not the worst thing that could happen — I’ve had birthdays I liked much less. Anyway, there wasn’t much actual celebrating on the exact date. But before and since, I have been remembered and greeted and gifted in many ways.

Books, music, flowers, a Japanese lunch date…Kate brought me exotic blood-orange-infused olive oil on the train from D.C. to Philadelphia. All nourishing things that make one glad to have been born.

Pearl sent me this funny card. She is the family’s most accomplished baker and if she had been here she’d have given me proper carbs. As it is, she gave me inspiration to bake myself a cake after Pascha.

And she sent along a belated Valentine from Maggie. If you can’t see it clearly enough it’s worth clicking on the photo to enlarge to reading size:

That girl cracks me up!

Her cousin Annie on the other side of the country — this side — is selling coffee, cocoa mix and biscotti for American Heritage Girls. I didn’t have to hesitate a minute before checking off a few items on the order form; they can come right out of the grocery budget. I’ll get to see that dear girl and pick up my goodies at the end of May.

More rain is forecast for tomorrow – yay! But the sun is shining this afternoon. I can see from here calla lilies blooming out beyond the manzanita bush; they are asking to come inside and help brighten up the house. I’ll go now and bring some in.

9 thoughts on “Valentine and Grenadine

  1. That sweet letter from your grand is so adorable. Glittery drumsticks?? haha 🙂 It's mighty nice of Mr. Glad to buy you a babydoll. He's celebrating your grandmaness 🙂

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  2. That has got to be one of the sweetest Valentines! And dolls, too. My girls loved their Corolle dolls when they were little and honestly…so did I! Just the right size and so sweet looking. They are the best dolls!!!

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  3. A doll for grandma's bag… I love the idea!

    What a lovely note from your girl, I so look forward to the rewards of this time in my life. Hillary is almost 28 weeks. Just a few more months and I will enter the enchanted land of Grand!

    Blessings, Debbie

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  4. What a dear letter from your granddaughter. She must think you shifty about opening gifts before reading the note. What a treasure. Are you going to plant the heart? What a clever idea.

    I love Grenadine too. Grandmas do need special dollies and books and things to have ready for wee visitors. Mr. Glad was such a sweetie to think of it.

    Happy Birthday, dear one.

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