Blessings of Showers and — a Baby!

An old Sunday school hymn about “Showers of Blessing” is running through my mind today. There’s little snow in the Sierras, so drought is certainly impending, but rain is falling steadily. It makes me so glad, I don’t even mind that the Dutch iris have been flattened under the water-weight and are lying prostrate as an offering to snails.

The rains will stop soon enough — and I was lucky to get outpurple fingerling between showers and find a few flowers that hadn’t been chewed, to add to my centerpiece for a company dinner.

We ate some roasted potatoes in different colors. This purple one matches all the Lenten vestments at church, but also makes me think of an Easter egg.b.d. gift box 2014

My latest birthday present also makes me look ahead, to the day in April when I will be planting a spearmint and a pepper plant. While I’m waiting for gardening weather I can eat the jam or salsa! This box came from my friend Sophia.

You are reading the first post I have written in my new blog home at WordPress. I’ve been itching to leave Blogger for a good while, as I’ve been getting the hints that the mother ship has sailed off into distant waters and left me in a leaky lifeboat.

But the last straw was when I was unable to update my Grandmother Status from eleven to twelve. Yes, I have a new grandson, second son of Soldier and his Joy, so new I haven’t come up with a nickname for him. But he needed to be counted; he is the huge blessing I’m counting as my most spectacular birthday present. Coming early as he did, not only a gift from God welcome at any time, but closer to my own birthday than anyone else in the family, I can’t help but receive him as a special present to me.

So I put speed on and hired a techie friend to move me over here where they do nothing but blogs. It’s going to take me a while to fine-tune things, but I’m happier already.

I remember long ago how a school friend of mine was given a kitten, and she named him Cadeau, which is French for gift. But that doesn’t seem an appropriate nickname for my ninth grandson. I’ll have to keep working on that project, while I bask in all the abundance of gifts in my life. Welcome, Baby Boy!

March bouquet 14

18 thoughts on “Blessings of Showers and — a Baby!

  1. congratulations on the newest member of the family. What a blessing for all. Hope you enjoy WordPress. I was never a blogger person, so I can’t compare the two.


  2. well, welcome to your new space; yeah; blogger has had it’s hiccups but well, wordpress never even lets me choose a new ‘name’ or often does not include my URL ( so well, that’s how that is!

    Many blessings. will be looking for you here via my feed reader! (Which feedly seems to be going down the tubes; my goodness, I may have to find a new reader!)

    Many blessings on your new Grandson!!!


  3. What a beautiful bouquet there at the end of your post. Congratulations on your twelfth grandchild, and Happy Birthday also! I love the look of your new blog and am very happy to see you’ve imported your posts from the other one. We are having some rain here near the southern border of the state also and it is a welcome change.

    Perhaps I will eventually follow you over here and leave my own leaky boat behind!


  4. Thank you for the invitation to your new home in blogosphere. Many years to the new little boy and congratulations! I hope you can spend your birthday with him. Have a lovely day!


  5. Congratulations on the new grandbaby boy, and happy birthday to you too! I have one grand born the day after my birthday so it does seem like a special gift. Your bouquet looks beautiful and so do those roasted veggies.


  6. Congratulations on your new grandson. I’m expecting a new one in June.

    I have been thinking about moving to WordPress for quite a while. How much trouble was it to format?



  7. Congratulations on your new grandchild! What a blessing. My parents just found out that their number of grandkids is going from 8 to 10 this year (not me, but my sister and brother are both expecting)


  8. Hi GretchenJoanna! Just catching up after a very long blog hiatus. I love your new blog and hope you like being on WP.

    Also, happy birthday (very belated by now) and congratulations on your new grandson! Read some of your Orthodox posts tonight–very interesting!


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