Roses on My Path – deep pink

Another one from the messy Rose House. No matter that she has to hang out in the shabby part of town, this lady is all dressed up and put together in a dramatic party dress.
rh deep pinkAddendum: Nikkipolani in a comment below suggests that this rose resembles Rose de Rescht, and the pictures of that rose that I found online surely confirm her hunch. I didn’t get close enough to know if my pink lady also has the old-fashioned fragrance she mentions.

7 thoughts on “Roses on My Path – deep pink

    1. From my Reddell “Rose Bible”: “Rose de Rescht” was brought to England from Persia in the early 1940’s and has stumped rose antiquarians ever since. In America, it’s marketed as a Damask; in England, as a Portland. The fuchsia-red, shaded-lilac petals are intensely fragrant wherever they grow.”
      I just might have to go back to that house and trespass a tiny bit in order to get a whiff.


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