He makes us stitch and sing.

I have an assortment of things to share, which I beliP1100820 Ps 23 hanging by Geve all flow from people’s creative impulses. So I’ll make that my theme.

When I was sorting and sifting with Kate I found some crafty things I did when money was tight. If you make presents for your parents you might inherit those same things after a while.

This was the case with wall-hangings I made 40 years ago, which came back a few years ago, but then got buried again until last month. This one speaks to me now, so I hung it over a knob near where I am typing at the moment. The scraps of fabric I used remind me of dresses I made for myself in high school and college.



Another sort of scrap art is this large design in cloth that I found last month on the wall of a hospital corridor, when I was walking up and down with a post-surgical patient. That hospital has really nice art on the walls, and I kept thinking I should go on a picture-taking tour, but I didn’t. A close-up of this one shows the close quilting.


I have to cregum art pastoraledit Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams for introducing me to Ben Wilson via her blog. This man paints miniature works of art on chewing gum that has been rudely and antisocially discarded on the streets of London. Igum art isle of wight liked this BBC video about him.

The art at right includes mention of the Isle of Wight, which reminds me that I didn’t tell you about the birthday party we had for Mr. Glad last month.

gum art bbc w hand

Our small group of friends and family sat around singing to guitars songs such as Dylan’s “Forever Young” and the Beatles’ “When I’m 64,” which gives you a clue as to which birthday my husband celebrated. Ever since then I can’t get that song out of my mind, including the stanza that goes:

Every summer we can rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight
If it’s not too dear.
We shall scrimp and save.
Grandchildren on your knee:
Vera, Chuck & Dave.


P1100897crp At least I got a break during church this morning when other music pushed the torture aside. I went with Mr. Glad to his church which was meeting for the first time in a new place, and I took a few pictures of the window shades which I thought much better than a lot of modern church art I’ve seen. I of course prefer icons, but these images feel light and joyful, and are reminiscent of stained glass.

The last one shows the Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, a reference to Christ from the book of Revelation. He is “The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” As all our arts begin with gifts God has given us, may their ends also be for His glory and in His praise.

14 thoughts on “He makes us stitch and sing.

  1. Great post and I enjoyed the ‘gum’ artist.

    This I really liked “He is “The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” As all our arts begin with gifts God has given us, may their ends also be for His glory and in His praise.”




  2. lovely; and so glad for the birthday party; and Psalm 23 is such a steadying Psalm of comfort for us! Was thinking of you again as my husband and I did our prayers for others! You and family are always there. ❤


  3. Okay so many questions here I would love to ask but will refrain since it is your comments.
    I love that song and you know I didn’t get it when it was new and now means lots more to me.
    Lovely shades and yes, I have got back so many things that I made my parents too.
    Sad I think.
    Have a lovely week. Any rain?


  4. I loved seeing the artistry in the discarded chewing gum – amazing!
    You made me smile with the pieces you showed that had come back to you from your parents. We are just now at that same stage.


  5. I like that hospital wall hanging. Very pretty, fallish. I’ve tagged that BBC show, and will watch it. Always looking for interesting things to watch. The church glass is very nice. I’m glad to see a church take some thought in the long-term quality of what they choose to place in their sanctuary.


  6. Those are very unusual window shades but I can see why they appealed to you. Your husband and I were born in the same year. Yes, when we were listening to that Beatles song way back then, we never imagined this day would come!! We knew it logically but not internally I think. And here we are nonetheless. That chewing gum artist could be the definition of “unique” I think. Wow. And now I will check out that link to the BBC video and find out more about him.


  7. I’ll have to go watch that chewing gum video! I kind of like the window shades at your hubby’s church. It’s very different. 🙂


  8. What fun artsy stuff. I like your art of green pastures. Now who thinks of painting on old chewing gum for Pete’s sake? Really? But cool. I LOVE the church window shades. I’ve never seen the like. Did someone make them? Paint them? Or were they purchased like that? Either way, lovely.


  9. I don’t think I appreciated the appellation “Alpha and Omega” as much as after a study of Revelation.

    Loved the movement of that quilted piece of blues. I have just the place for something like that 🙂


  10. Beautiful! I love the wall hangings. Good idea of something to do with scraps of clothes full of memories. My kids have been painting on cardboard lately after being inspired by a family that was giving away art on the street corner as a “pay it forward” project. I’m not sure anyone but me would want to keep what they’ve made, but they are having fun with it.


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