Birthday Cake

P1100923August is a busy birthday month in our family. Our new son-in-law has brought the total number of celebrations to five, and two of them were the cause of me baking yet another cake recently. My children are surprised that I have learned to accept how cakes are: they require that I follow the recipe pretty closely. So, finding a good recipe is the secret.

This one that I made for Maggie and Pat was easier than the lemon cake, only because for me icing a cake is less tedious than trying to get a glaze to soak in. And any children around appreciate the chance to lick up any leftover frosting, more than they would glaze.

spiced layer cake for Maggie & Pat

It’s only the second time I’ve made it; the first time, I see scribbled on the print-out, was for my father-in-law’s birthday a long time ago. It’s from, and except for decreasing the sugar in the cake a teensy bit, I didn’t change anything. The three layers make an impression, but the flavors of orange and spice and cream cheese blending all together in and on a very moist cake — that’s what wins the prize.

Find it here: Spiced Layer Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

8 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. Oh, another beautiful cake! Girl, you are a busy baker and a good mom planning celebrations. September is our big birthday month with the first birthday tomorrow and I have the gift but need to get a plan quick!

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