Images from the week.

deer at coast 8-26-15My grandson drove over to move some free dirt that had to be dumped in the driveway because a Bobcat loader was still here blocking the way to the backyard.  I should have taken a picture of him shoveling for me, but instead I’m stealing one of the pictures he took later on, when he hiked at the coast in the evening and saw dozens of deer on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific. I know this one doesn’t look real, but it is.


Zinnias volunteered in my garden this summer, mostly the orange trailing variety, but also one tall yellow specimen, which a butterfly visited just as I was getting out of my car — I asked him to stick around while I dropped my bags on the ground so I could take his picture, and he fluttered back and forth, but re-landed enough times that I was successful.

Yes, I am ashamed of all that basil flowering in the background. I told you I haven’t been cooking!


I attended a Vigil service at a nearby parish for the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Old Calendar. A Slavic custom that was new to me was the greeting of their bishop with an offering of bread and salt. After he tore off and dipped a piece, he offered a bite to the young woman holding the platter.

IMG_0604 crp bread eat

On my way home the moon was so big and bright, I had to stop and take its picture, and now I’m hunting for a moon phase widget to put on my blog site.

IMG_0606 moon crp

10 thoughts on “Images from the week.

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog. I have lurked on your site for months and thought it was time to say how much I enjoy it. Your quote page is fabulous. Well, everything you have on your blog is fabulous, too. Thank you for sharing your gifts and love of God.


  2. GJ that top photo looks ridiculously photo-shopped! Like the deer posed in front of a crumpled up blue paper sky!! I am paying close attention to the moon at the moment as I learn how to garden by the moon phases. Transplanting after Sunday’s full moon, and planting seeds of root vegetables:)


  3. Yes, we do that at our parish, bread with a shot glass of salt in it to welcome the bishop! And for the feasts of the Theotokos, wear blue. ♥ I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Beautiful butterflies around here, too, lately.


  4. Wikipedia has an article about gifts of bread and salt. I learned some interesting things there just now, being curious about it. Had read of this in a biography about Grand Duchess Elizabeth (St. Elizabeth) of Russia and noted it was something done at certain ceremonies. A fascinating custom. Your grandson’s photo is gorgeous. Glad your butterfly obliged so you could take its portrait. I’ve been enjoying your recent posts quite a lot. Thank you for sharing with us all. God’s blessings!


  5. Our moon was also quite big and impressive this evening as we drove back to Oriental. Adam is outside now, having an astronomy class with a few students, on the river. You’re right about that deer photo — it looks like their backdrop is a blue painted wall! Amazing.


  6. Hey, that’s the same moon I had here last night! 🙂 I thought of taking a picture, but figured there wasn’t enough light. I love the Dr. Seuss tree the moon is leaning against. 🙂


  7. A delight filled week indeed! I loved seeing the deer picture (resisting the pun). Looking forward to seeing the developments in the backyard. I hold you in my prayers.


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