Henfield and finches are Brilliant.

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This morning through my open kitchen windows I heard music that reminded me of visits to the pet store, and it was because of the songs of finches in my garden. I had to get out the binoculars and study a bit, but I discovered a pair of house finches in the Dr. Suess (redwood) tree in the yard behind mine.  I even took a very fuzzy photo of them as they sat close together and necked. I wonder if they have a nest up there. From time to time they come down to have a snack from my bird feeder, and often follow it with a sip from the top of the pineapple finial on my fountain.

The robin hopped through this morning, also, and a towhee. Hummingbirds have started to sip from the hummingbird feeder I set up for the first time here. Well, one hummingbird at a time…. The flocks of birds we had in February vanished for most of rainy March, and now new ones are coming. It’s a new world for me, all this birdwatching.

IMG_2027Henfield Brilliant is the name of my favorite helianthemum. Who would have dreamed, two years ago when I had a hard time finding even one of these plants, that I would ever have nine of them bordering soft woody paths? They are starting to bloom now.IMG_2032

Today I am headed out to yet another birthday party (blush), this time with two friends with whom I share a birthday week and year. This is our 31st year having lunch together! We all love to garden, and this year I found Henfield Brilliants to give to them, too.

6 thoughts on “Henfield and finches are Brilliant.

  1. You are so blessed to have such long term friends. I’ve moved so much, I can’t imagine having this. But I must be thankful for what I do have, which is still a lot! What lovely birds, flowers and plants! God bless!


  2. The Henfields will be a lovely present for your friends. How lovely to spend 31 years together in that way – what a delight.

    I LOVE seeing the birds and one of my greatest pleasures is imitating Mr Blackbird in the garden. There’s always one. They are such musicians – I played a piece called ‘Le Merle Noir’ (the blackbird) by Oliver Messiaen and it was very accurate!

    I’d love to see a hummingbird. In France we saw Humming Bird Hawk moths which bemused us as we weren’t sure if they were birds or butterflies!!


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