Things I’ve used up.

butternut squash whole 2016-04 6-pounder



I’ve eaten the last of the 37# of butternut squash that I grew last summer.




I saved the biggest fruit for last, over 6 pounds. [correction: I looked back to October’s squash report and see that there was a fruit that weighed 7 1/2 #.]

butternut squash pieces 2016-04

butternut squash 6-pounder Apr 2016


It was delicious.






After that Kate arrived, and in my Subaru we have been on our road trip to visit various family groups and have adventures, which I will tell about eventually. Soon I will have to take a break from my alphabetical posts, and enter into Holy Week, but I am so sleep deprived I lack the smarts to think of a pertinent “s” word for that topic.

Thank God, Pascha will come to us in spite of all I lack. Hosanna in the highest!

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve used up.

  1. As you know, I love hearing about things that have been used up. Waste not! I am amazed at your beautiful butternut squash, my absolute favourite 🙂 They make the best soup. Did you manage to keep it all through the winter? Butternuts are generally not good keepers..


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