Ducks like our muddy creek.

Out walking today, I discovered that the mallards have returned to the creek, as I hoped they would. From the paved path I saw two pair down there, and I started to walk closer to take their picture. Um… I could feel immediately from the soft sucking at my boots that I would need waders if I wanted to go farther, and I had to be content with a distant shot to crop down.


Once the picture was on my computer screen it looked like more than four – maybe three pair of ducks were flapping and diving there. Downstream I had seen another pair dozing, with the sun glinting off their backs.

It all makes me think of Raffi’s children’s song, “Ducks Like Rain.” The ducks in my town should be very happy this month!

7 thoughts on “Ducks like our muddy creek.

  1. Nice Picture. We often see ducks and geese on our pond in our back yard during this time of year. We love to watch them. We occasionally get a white crane or grey one. Have a nice day.


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