18 thoughts on “Rain washed the berries bright.

    1. Yes, cotoneaster. I can never remember that odd name, and have to look it up every year. These are the same berries I use to decorate at Christmastime, and they grow along the creeks and bike paths, I imagine planted long ago by the city….


  1. We have had lots of rain also and our pond is full to over flowing again today. The ditches along the road look like small creeks too. Beautiful to see though.

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  2. Beautiful. I didn’t recognize them. We don’t have cotoneasters this large around here. Is it wild? I remember how surprised I was when I learned how to pronounce the name.

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    1. They seem to be wild now, well established along the creeks and bike paths, to the point where the city cuts them down every few years. I think this one may have escaped that purging. But I wonder if they naturalized from suburban plantings…


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