I forgot that story already.

If only I were better at writing funny stories – I’ve had such good material for them the last couple of weeks! When the “funny” things are happening — i.e., the crazy days when I lose my keys, forget my phone, break a crown on my tooth, spend half the day on a cooking project that turns out barely edible, spend the other half driving back and forth to appointments or making fruitless business calls, and at the end of it all get stood up by my computer guy — my writer’s mind tries weakly to do its usual thing of organizing chaos into sentences, but only in synaptic spasms. And what exactly is humorous about this, anyway…? The exhaustion is total, and I only want to go to bed early.

The next day, if it is a recovery day — and I definitely haven’t had enough of those lately — I often do realize the hilarity of life, in retrospect. But I’m not a comedian, and when I start to relate my wonderment at how many things can go wrong, or I should say, how inconvenient adventures can be, it just sounds like a complaint. And if I did write my funny story, where would I put my beautiful flower pictures?

I thought of this once more after Columbus Day, which was fairly long and involved with things not going as planned. And I was feeling the deadline I was under, to leave town, and to get all my affairs in a good state so I could be away and not worry. When the problems were solved and I was all alone again, I found rest in writing about how a poem and my garden worked together to give me the needed R&R. I guess trying to write a funny story would be too challenging, a chore I don’t know how to tackle. My garden is easy, and writing (anything but humor) is my favorite kind of work.

I soon forget the germs of those funny stories, because they are so quickly superseded by compelling tales of birdsong and burst milkweed pods, babies dropped fresh from Heaven, and bread dough rising.


Oh, but I have to tell you why I am going to be away from home! I am right now flying to Colorado with that new Baby Clara herself. Don’t worry, her mother and her brothers are with us. Clara’s father will meet us at the airport, and I will stay to help them out in their new town for a while. More stories are on the way.

13 thoughts on “I forgot that story already.

  1. I think it’s best to just write what feels natural to you. I know sometimes I feel like it’s such an effort to recall things and write about them later. And humor doesn’t come to me that naturally. I’m thankful that God gave me lots of funny kids to help me lighten up, lol. Enjoy that baby!


  2. Their new town? Does that mean they’re currently moving? So great you’re able to help! I’ve never been good at telling jokes or being funny, it’s okay, I prefer reality, when things are serious or just naturally turn out to make us laugh.


  3. Oh, I do hope it works for me to see you, GJ! What an adventure. Colorado is very welcoming. Our blue skies are so big and friendly. I think the funny stories ARE hard to capture. We survive and then we move on.

    Take care, dearest!


  4. I think you should write about what you find most enjoyable and easy. Sorry that you have had a few incidents and annoyances.
    Oooh, CLARA eh!?!?! Great choice of name!


  5. Although some days you just have to laugh or cry.. and I do find that laughing is better for giving perspective on our foolish predicaments. But then, as you say, you move on, which is the best way to deal with life’s little hiccups, and then you can concentrate on flowers and babies, which is most important:) Congratulations on that newest grandbaby xx


  6. I think you are masterful at organizing chaos into sentences that are entertaining and inspiring. I still have the copy I printed out of your family Christmas, as inspiration for me, just as your gardening ones do and your bread making ones.

    See, you just never know when what you write here helps someone.


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