Weeds and Wildflowers

This is a page where I will keep reference material, a place I can quickly refer to without combing through a thousand old blog posts. Of course I will try to keep adding to it.

starting with WEEDS – because there are fewer of them – and listing the:

Botanical name
Common name
My nickname for it



Cardamine hirsuta

Hairy Bittercress

“Scattery Weed”

Blog post February 2016

gl speedwell and ladybug 2-27-16



Veronica persica

Persian Speedwell

Blog post February 2016

gl IMG_3005 weed





Hypochaeris radicata l.

False Dandelion, also called catsear or flatweed

Blog post August 2016

P1120869 weed 4-15







Arum maculatum

Snakeshead and many other names

Italian Arum Lily

Blog Posts May 2016

and June 2015





stellaria media


Blog Post February 2014






Blog Post May 2013





Galium aparine


“Sticky Weed”

Blog Post May 2011



pearly everlasting Courtright 8-09

P1040105 trillium WA 10-10

asclepias eriocarpa Indian Milkweed Sierras 7-15 w insect

False Solomon's Seal so. OR 5-15

elderberry Hoover Wild 07

Corn Lily or False Hellebore Siskiyou 8-10

pennyroyal Siskiyou meadow 9-12

Cow Parsnip & Seacoast Angelica OR 2013

Common Meadowfoam Crane Creek 3-15

Monkey Flower - mimulus - Feather Falls trail 7-11

fsticky monkey flwr Annadel 5-22-15

evening primrose Forestville 2 flowers 4-15

Giant Blazing Star on Monitor Pass 7-11

mariposa lily Annadel 5-22-15crp

Mules Ears Summer 03 Warner Mts

Meadow Goldenrod Sierras CLRd 7-15

P1000777 wallflower Dinky Ck 7-17-15


Leopard Lily - East Sierra 7-11


paintbrush glow Carmel 3-11


columbine OR Zigler 5-15

paintbrush & penstemon cabin lake rd 7-15

P1060355 Wild Radish Sonoma Beach 6-13

pennyroyal Lundy canyon 07

bleeding heart so OR Zigler Trail 5-15

Farewell to Spring Yos 6-10

Farewell to Spring close Yos 6-10

Douglas spiraea Siskiyou 8-10

Bridges_ Gilia Tahoe 7-11

Erigeron glaucus - seaside daisy Monterey 3-11

Hairy Pussy Ears – calochortus tolmiei Table Rock OR 5-11

milkvetch - White mts 9-11

Mountain Pennyroyal in bud East Sierra 7-11


pussy paws lupine Yosemite 2012


blue flax OR 7-10


Great Hound's Tongue Table Rock OR 5-11


Dichelostemma capitatum (Blue Dicks) Crane Creek 3-15

Purple Sage; Salvia dorri White Mts 9-11

brodiaea elegans Annadel 5-22-15

Pride of Madeira Central Coast 3-14

P1070278(1) sambucus mexicana Sierras 9-13