Winter Weblog Gleanings

The Broken Computer has prolonged the interruption of my blogging, following hard as it did on the Expedition Without Camera Cable. I’ve been back from wandering for several days, but as I have a dear house guest it’s just as well that I have the machinery problem as my excuse for not blogging. When I get the computer back I’ll have even more things to tell about.

While I’m being otherwise occupied I’ve still found some time to read blogs, on son P’s computer. Posts that have been stimulating include one on Spring Cleaning, with a day-by-day plan carrying the author from one end of Lent to the other. This is a new concept for me, and truly inspiring. We are remodeling during the upcoming months at this house, though, so I will have to try her tidy method some other year, and concentrate on packing up many of my books and all of my kitchen things starting yesterday.

Is it easier to keep a small house clean? That depends. When our family of seven moved from a small house to a big one, suddenly our home seemed cleaner and neater just because there was more space. But the blog This Tiny House is delightful to dream over, the treehouses and little dwellings of various kinds. A recent post is about a tiny vehicle, actually, but might be a fine introduction if you’ve never visited there.

Many people, I’ve noticed, give up TV for Lent. I myself agree with Groucho Marx, who said he found TV very educational: “When someone turns on the TV, I go in the other room and read a book.” Whether you watch or not, you might agree with me that this verse by Roald Dahl is amusing.

A woman I know is trying to find a lot of cooking blogs, as she’s reveling in the idea and trend of Slow Food and recipes. It made me happy to point her to this blogger who opens up a full 60 other cooks’ worlds. Take note, all you snowed-in people (and that includes 3/5 of my own children!) that the theme of his recent group of links is Warming Dishes. Comfort food!

Last and most pertinent to this weekend, I’m sure, is a musing on Forgiveness Sunday.

I hope you enjoy one or more of my finds.

7 thoughts on “Winter Weblog Gleanings

  1. My favourite educational comment from Groucho is, “Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend, inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”

    I'd forgotten the Dahl poem, it's just too funny (and apt). My best line is “(It smells so good, what can it be? Good gracious, it’s Penelope.) I heard him reading it on the radio many years ago and when he got to that bit I laughed till I hurt and missed the rest!


  2. I loved Roald Dahl's poem that you found. He is a favorite author among my children who aren't typically allowed to watch tv. I shall have to read the poem to them.



  3. I sure hope your computer woes are close to an end! I am captivated by the tinyhouse blog you found. I once worked for a man who lived in a house designed after a sailboat, on which he had lived for years. I loved his use of space and the simplicity of it. My dream is definitely a tiny house! But that won't be for awhile.


  4. When my older son was first born, we lived in a small apartment. It was very hard to clean, because everything cluttered up so easily. Still, there is a charm to small spaces that appeals to me.

    Enjoyed the post on Forgiveness Sunday, which was not a practice I'm familiar with. I like it, though I can imagine it could be difficult.



  5. Sometimes a break from the “square box” is a good thing. I appreciated the Forgiveness Sunday link. It reminded me of a confession of sin that we used to say when in the Lutheran church…..”forgive me for what I have done or left undone…” The “undone” part always struck a chord with me.



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