Monthly Archives: October 2009

Five First Lines

I can’t resist the fun of taking part in this literary meme that has been spreading around. I got it from Deb on the Run, who got it from Elizabeth at The Garden Window. It works this way:
1. Pick 5 of your favorite books.
2. Post the first sentence of each book. (If one sentence seems too short, post two or three!)

3. Let everyone try to guess the titles and authors of your books (in the Comments box).

Here are mine:

1. Dear Mrs. Coney, Are you thinking I am lost, like the Babes in the Wood?

2. “Man is what he eats.” With this statement the German materialist philosopher Feuerbach thought he had put an end to all “idealistic” speculations about human nature.

3. Even at the end of March, on the Arctic coast of northern Norway, there is no sign of spring.

4. As I left the railway station at Worchester and set out on the three-mile walk to _____’s cottage, I reflected that no one on the platform could possibly guess the truth about the man I was going to visit.

5. Farmers see things as others do not.                          

October Flora

Swiss chard is the most beautiful thing in my garden right now. I did make a tart using it, but the recipe needs work. You can see how crumbly it was, with currants and walnuts falling around.

Also I cooked it too hot, forgetting to reduce the heat, so the crust got too brown. But it was yummy.

I don’t seem to have the flowers that bloom this time of year, but that’s not because they aren’t prolific in some places around here. Like the church garden, where I couldn’t take pictures this week because my camera is not working. I found this hollyhock from last October in my files, so I could show something in the light-and-bright category, and leave my last post behind in its Oreo dirt.

Worms are Tempting Me

I don’t like Halloween, and we never participated in the “festivities” with our kids, but we do usually give out candy if we are home. I hate spending the money for it, too! When I was a trick-or-treating child, many people would give us homemade cookies or candy. I know that’s not cool these days.

I think the uncoolness started with evil people giving poisoned cookies, or was it an urban myth? You’d think that would discourage parents from sending kids out, period, but it just means that the homey treats will be thrown out.

Children who carry around pillowcases full of sugary junk can afford to turn up their noses at a mere cookie. BUT I doubt they would find this treat cooked up by Macheesmo boring. I am sorely tempted to get more into the icky Halloween spirit just so I can make them.

Quote of the Week–St. Ambrose of Optina

Tedium is the granddaughter of despondency, and the daughter of slothfulness. In order to drive it away, labor at your work, and do not be slothful in prayer. The tedium will pass, and zeal will come. And if to this you add patience and humility, then you will be rid of all misfortunes and evils.

–St. Ambrose of Optina