My late husband B. or Mr. Glad

Our daughter Pearl
Pearl’s husband Nate
Their children include Roger and his wife Izzy, daughter Lora; Pat and his wife, Philosopher and Maggie.

Our son Pathfinder
Pathfinder’s wife Iris
Their children include Annie and her three brothers.

Our daughter Pippin
Pippin’s husband The Professor
Their sons Scout and Jamie
Their daughter Ivy

Our son Soldier
Soldier’s wife Joy
Their sons Liam, Laddie, and Brodie
Their daughter Clara

Our daughter Kate
Her husband Tom
Their sons Raj and Amerigo (Rigo)

My sisters Cairenn and Nancy; my brother Karl
My niece Jelly

Cousins including Renée, Elise, and Grace


Jacob and Rosemary – live in Idaho
Susan – housemate since 2015
Kit – was my housemate for two years
Art and Di
Mr & Mrs Bread
Dick – childhood friend, farmer
Mr. Greenjeans and his wife – He’s my gardener friend and they are both my talk-about-everything-interesting friends.

Martin and Mabel – in Tucson
Mr. & Mrs. C 

Bird my friend who died at the age of 101


Mary – born and baptized in 2015
Rosemary – in Idaho
Kathleen (reposed 2015)

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