I used to read Prevention Magazine when it was about wheat germ and megavitamins, so when I was offered a free subscription last year I said Why not? There might be something useful and inspiring in there.

Wrong. After reading a few pages of the first two issues that arrived in my mailbox, I couldn’t get interested, so I started tossing them in the trash as soon as they arrived.

But not before I began to notice a theme to the cover displays. I am not clever enough to come up with a more appropriate name for the periodical, but I’d like to.


Any ideas?

9 thoughts on “Prevention?

  1. How about Pretention? Protrusion?

    My mom gave a gift subscription to me a few years ago. I told her it was okay if she didn't want to renew.

    (the commenting problem at my blog is solved…we had to redesign the whole thing! :p)


  2. Oh no, you have been throwing them out? If you carefully burn them in a dish and save the goo that remains when all the flames die down you can make an ointment out of the residue that is good for prevention of…wait, maybe I shouldn't tell you here. There's a valuable tummy tuck, weight loss, exercise, diet- you got to look like Twiggy if you don't want to be iggy-Prevention Article in this for sure. I mean, without spoiling the scoop, this ointment will prevent almost everything! Save those issues, I tell you. You haven't been preventing much in your life lately…what's up with that? Pretty soon you are not even going to be under the illusion that you are in control.
    How about Preventication?


  3. I'll admit to enjoying Prevention, or at least finding some useful info in its pages, but I'm pretty dang tired of their whole Flat Belly diet thing. I wish they'd get off the whole weight loss thing, anyway, and focus more on nutrition.



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