October is falling away.

Pumpkin this, pumpkin that, my head has been full of ideas for cooking and eating pumpkin. So I went to an upscale market where I could find a Sugar Pie Pumpkin. Now it’s sitting here waiting for me to commit to one use or another.

Mr. Glad and I have been walking a lot. And I’ve been cooking up a storm, things other than pumpkin, for the many guests we’ve been lucky to have passing through. I made 10 quarts of minestrone last week, and that barely got me started on the theme of soups and stews to keep us warm this winter. So all the housework and gardening is piling up, and I am only stopping by here to show you my pumpkin, and the leaves I picked up in the neighborhood.

Last year about this time I spent hours looking for good autumn poems, and found them all incapable of expressing what I was feeling. I don’t think I’ll even try this year — I’ll just go out and dig in the dirt, sweep the leaves, sniff the air. I’ll be my own poem.

Still, if any of you have favorite verses for the season, send me the titles. And catch all you can of the season however it falls to you.

10 thoughts on “October is falling away.

  1. “We Gather Together,” is a hymn we used to sing with my grandmother as she played the piano (usually at Thanksgiving). ♥ I have freshly baked pumpkin waiting to be made into cupcakes and bread.

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  2. I always plant sugar pie pumpkins, well except this year which forever will be the year of no pumpkins. 🙂
    I think canning 10 quarts of minestrone sounds like bliss. I love canning soups and then after a crazy day, opening them and there is dinner.
    Have you ever done beans? They turn out so incredible.
    I have no fall poems, I have my books of poetry here by my computer but nothing strikes me and how I am feeling.
    I love your leaves you found. I keep looking and looking, my Meyer Lemon is getting yellow lemons, that makes me happy.
    Have a lovely week.

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  3. I'm glad you went ahead and shared your post, even if all the autumnal inspiration had not quite hit you yet 🙂 Lovely picture. I wish I were baking and cooking. For some reason I'm not doing that this fall. Enjoying the cool air though. And enjoying my homemade chai. Glad you're getting in some nice walks — what a joy in the fall!

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  4. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”
    Isaiah 40:8

    Let me know what you do with that pumpkin – I have bought one for several years now to use in savory recipes – and every time I seem to make it “too spicy” for my little one!

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  5. I adore your pumpkin & leaf picture. I like the weather worn wood they sit upon. I'm with you, enjoy every tiny bit of October that's left — earthy smell of decomposing leaves and wood smoke. I'm watching the chickens enjoy their outdoor freedom and noticing the red polls feeding now. They only just showed up. I can still wear my boots and don't have to pull on snow boots yet. Be your own poem — I like that thought.


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