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Angels swaddled him with fire.

Saint Epiphanius of Cyprus gives the following account about the birth of the Prophet Elijah: “When Elijah was born, his father Sobach saw in a vision angels of God around him. They swaddled him with fire and fed him with flames.” –OCA site

July 20th is the day we commemorate the saint. You can read more about him here: “Holy, Glorious Prophet Elijah.” I love this icon that expresses the drama of his life and person:

Feasting from Day to Day

Yesterday was the feast day of my parish, St Seraphim of Sarov, and a glorious day it was. I’m showing the fresco from the front of the church. I myself was overjoyed, my cup running over, just being at church where our bishop was present as well as a temple full of us regular parishioners and many guests. There was an ordination, and beautiful children, and much praise of God, followed by a cheery and relaxed festal meal so that we could continue glowing together for a while.
Today we remember St Elijah the prophet, and I just want to pass on this blog entry at Christ is in Our Midst!, with its wonderfully expressive painting of Elijah’s chariot.