Cherries the birds didn’t get

Thanks to blogging friends, I was prompted to take notice and learn about my food today. Strawberry Lady suggested we eat cherries, so naturally I took a picture first. The Rainier cherries I bought at a roadside stand this week in the land where we also grow asparagus, artichokes — and yes, strawberries! — were selling for $6 for a large basket, the same as Bings.

But in Japan, they have been known to pay for Rainiers (gulp) $5 per cherry…? And birds eat as much as a third of the crop before it’s picked, so they also must think they are pretty special.

Now I’m glad I bought the Rainiers and got such a good deal. The small hut with the big signs was just off a four-lane highway, and the trucks carrying all our luscious California produce were speeding by. As the wind blew me across the dirt toward the fruit it took all of one second for my hair to become a tangled web across my face, but I found my mouth and sampled both cherries — and that’s how it all happened.

I bought strawberries, too, Mags, but in this case,

They can’t compare
To the Rainier rare.

10 thoughts on “Cherries the birds didn’t get

  1. Mmmm…I love cherries. I saw a program on PBS of Chinese having such issues with bees pollinating, that they have people pollinate by hand with a feather! No wonder good fruit is so expensive.

    P.S. We are home from our trip west…”Grand Canyon or bust.” We are talking about our next trip through Death Valley, perhaps…in a year or two.


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