A Dream of What’s Real

It was about 40 years ago I had a dream that I know was from God. I don’t remember any since then about which I felt such assurance. Many dreams I have are mild nightmares of household disasters, though I have also experienced dreadful nightmares that left a cloud over the first hours of the day.

This dream was of a garden. I was walking in a lush and green garden, where birds were singing and flowers were blooming. Cool lawns stretched between all the most fitting tall trees and flower beds, everything breathing with new life. The air was warm and balmy — it was obviously Spring or early Summer. As I followed the paths and took in the beauty I felt very happy and peaceful, but I didn’t think of taking a nap on the grass, because the atmosphere of the place made me feel too alive and awake. Then, the words were spoken, “This is your heart.” And I woke up.

I can well recall the sweetness that filled me as I lay in bed in those few minutes after waking, knowing that God had given me a taste of His presence. That lovely feeling stayed with me all day. I told a few people about the dream, and was often encouraged by it in a vague way. There was no clear doctrine to hold to; it was more like a promise.

This morning when I woke I got to thinking about that garden, and how it might still have something to teach me about prayer. It is possible, the fathers teach us, to always live in the garden of the heart, where God and His love are constantly available to us, even when our minds are required by the everyday cares of life to be busy elsewhere. We can live in that garden even when our earthly houses and treasures are in ruin from earthquake, or when we walk in the front door to find that thieves have stolen us blind. The Life that we absorb through our pores in that place can energize us to do the necessary work of repair and healing.

In the last week I’ve been hearing a bird song in the backyard in the mornings, but it was not my robin whom I wrote about before, a messenger of comfort from just a few years ago. I strained to hear that robin’s chirp that means so much to me now, but he was not on the airwaves. Lo! this morning before I got out of bed there he was, and he started in. God sends birds like angels.

“The kingdom of God is within you,”  said our Lord. The robins and other angels are there, nearby where He makes us to lie down in green pastures under heavens that declare His glory, and where nothing can separate us from the Love of God.

Chartwell, Kent

9 thoughts on “A Dream of What’s Real

  1. I remember a very vivid dream about Jesus I had when I was a new Believer. I really struggled with nightmares and learned to quote Scripture in my sleep.

    Just the other day I heard a new-to-me bird chirping in our front trees. I have no idea what it was but I stood still and listened before it flew away.


  2. Your dream sounds to me like Eden, or the New Earth. What a wonderful glimpse! Sometimes dreams do feel more real than this earth, but I do believe that God's New Earth IS more real. All the beauty we have here, lovely as it is, is only a shadow of that. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. I love your dream, Gretchen Joanna. We constantly think about ways to tend our body and your dream invites us to enjoy the way HE tends our hearts.


  4. Your dream is like my reality some days…
    One day, as I was watering my garden in the evening as the sun was going down, into the spray flew 9 hummingbirds, all of a variety of ruby, irridescent greens and blues and hovering in the mist. It was a moment of joy and surprise.. God's little comment on my efforts on His plot of earth..
    Thank you for helping me remember my “surprise by joy”.


  5. What a beautiful dream and promise. What hope and joy we have in HIM.

    When I saw the picture at the bottom of Chartwell, my heart leaped! My dd and I went there in 2005. It's glorious, isn't it?



  6. Thank you! I think we do get these foretastes every now and again. Seldom… but enough, and though sometimes they seem clear, often they are just sweet and a gift that refreshes. Our God loves us enough to trust us and to know what it is we really need to feed on (as opposed to what our heads think we need). What fills the head does not satisfy or stay with us nearly as long as that which fills the heart.


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