Pre-feasts Here and There

We Glads just returned from tropical isles where the flowers were a feast for the senses, and an earthly foretaste of the beauty and glory of Pascha soon to be upon us. But when we arrived home the tulips I planted last fall were also out to welcome me, and lend some comfort to the travel-weary.

I hope to send along my Maui Diary blog after our Orthodox Easter, which is a week later than Western Easter this year. Too many blessed preparations to be making until then….

I promise that the following is not unrelated to everything else in this post: Were any of my readers sad and aggravated (as I was) when Longs drugstores were bought and replaced by CVS? To one or two people who write to me on that topic, at the e-mail address on my Blogger profile, I have a useful and whimsical thing I would like to give, if you include your mailing address. I’ll tell you what it is before I send it, so there is no risk involved — only fun. 🙂

Those of you who are preparing for the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my heart and prayers are with you.

7 thoughts on “Pre-feasts Here and There

  1. I look forward to Pascha…it's been a wonderful and warm spring here, too…my daffodils bloomed, now my tulips are in bloom and my lilacs just blossomed! ♥ I wish you a joyous time of the last week of Lent and Holy Week as we prepare for Pascha!


  2. Hi Gretchen Joanna!
    I'm so glad you went to Maui. What a gorgeous place indeed!
    I do love your California. I only saw the sea from the air, but it still thrilled me.
    Ha ha! Yes, Pom from Babar! Love that!


  3. how very nice to have some time away in Maui AND to come home to pretty flowers too.

    CVS long ago replaced our local drugstore. Its hard to even remember how long ago that was.


  4. Holy Week blessings to you, Gretchen Joanna, and welcome home. I anticipate your Maui Diary blog. Bill and I were married there last summer…such a beautiful spot.


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