Flying and Flowers

At least, I was able to be home and in wonderful services at my home parish for the first few days of Lent. Now I am flying away to Pennsylvania for an aunt’s memorial service and to be reunited with some cousins after almost 50 years. Not the ideal time, but part of me is excited about the familiness. Daughter Kate is coming up on the train to be with us, too.

On the home front, recent rains brought out more flowers. These daffodils are always looking down at the ground where only the snails can enjoy their faces, so I cut a bunch and brought them indoors for us humans.

Only two ranunculus are coming up from a previous year’s huge planting.

But the freesias multiply year after year.


I’ll be back in a few days, maybe with a tiny travelogue. Good Lent!

10 thoughts on “Flying and Flowers

  1. So, so beautiful, GJ!! I do hope you get many more ranunculus, after all that hard work. They are about my favorite — a perfect blend of a peony and a rose, perhaps. Your yard is looking good!


  2. I lost your blog this past week! That's what happens when the page I bookmark is the comments page. Finally found you again and will catch up on your posts since the minestrone post.

    Travel safe and enjoy reconnecting with family.


  3. I also have the SAME daffodils out right now! They are fresh and breezy…the garter snakes that I encourage ( they eat slugs) are happily whipping everywhere to help me … God made such a wonderful diversity in the plant and animal kingdom..and they complement each other so well that, if we help them they take care of each other nicely.


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