13 thoughts on “Become more materialistic.

  1. Absolutely. Christian doctrines of creation and incarnation point to the truth that God’s presence always is mediated — and imply, where they don’t make clear, that any aspect of creation is a worthy bearer of His presence. Or so I believe. 🙂

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    1. What I linked to is a blog post, and it in turn mentions a Netflix documentary, and refers to another article or two, but I don’t think there is whole book mentioned here. So maybe you could read more 🙂 – as I hope to.


  2. Wonderful. I have found making things by hand – gardening, drawing, knitting, cooking – have been a great antidote to the horror that is our new despot-in-chief AKA Russian operative. Thank you.


  3. I love that idea, and Adam and I have come around to this thinking over the years. So many Christians seem to diminish the importance and value of the beautiful, useful physical world God has made, even ourselves and our own bodies, insisting on a dematerialized, “spiritual” state. To us, a true understanding of the New Earth is a very physical understanding, and embracing of the beauties God has put HERE, and wonder and amazement that He will make it all perfect THERE. Thanks for the lovely quote!

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