The Sunshine that ripens all.


O Lord Jesus Christ our God, who didst lead the people of Israel in a land unknown, a land of drought and deep darkness, a land none may pass through or dwell in: do thou, the same Lord, lead me all the days of my life, giving me to discern the times and their signs, and to redeem time’s passage – for the days are evil – guiding me in the way that I should go, that I may ever say: I love thee, O Lord, for thou hast heard the voice of my supplication from my mother’s womb, yea, from all eternity, and thou art the Way and the Truth, and  the Resurrection and the Life, the Sunshine that ripens all who live and repose in thee, the Peace of God, and also our Peace with him: always, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

From Orthodox Christian Prayers

Christ Pantocrator, Decani Monastery, Serbia, 14th century.

5 thoughts on “The Sunshine that ripens all.

  1. What a lovely prayer, and one that is so needed every day as we venture into the minutes and hours of our lives. I note the contrast between the drought and deep darkness in the first lines and the image of Lord as Sunshine who ripens us. Beautiful!


  2. I love your post here of being discerning….. yes so very deeply important to be. I am praying with you.. and for you dear beautiful angel of God… your yard is amazing… your insights a lift for me each time…and your soul so much God’s….. glad you are reading to stay on track too… imbibe with me the Spirit of our Lord… Thank you for your healing prayers.. Heartshine to you… Love Merri, with so much gratitude… the moon here has been red….. from fires above us and below us and west of us… x


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