Cold Rain

When I got in my car this morning, I wore two wool sweaters, plus a raincoat. It was only drizzling so I wondered if I were a bit overdressed. But as I drove up the freeway to pick up a friend for church, suddenly it was drenching rain. Cats and Dogs. Buckets. I explained our American descriptors for a lot of rain to my African friend, but those phrases were inadequate to describe the feelings I had about the great blessing of water during those twenty minutes of downpour.

When was the last time I was out in that much rain? Could it be real? Yes, it was real — real water that is our daily miracle and sustenance, whether we live in the desert or by a constant river. There were puddles to show that when I was in bed last night, and even yesterday when I sat far from the window, at fireside, it had rained a good amount. I am so thankful.


A cold rain starting
And no hat—

-Matsuo Basho, (1644-1694) Japan

Okutama in the Rain by Kawase Hasui

8 thoughts on “Cold Rain

  1. I can fully empathise with that joy in the rain: at 4.40 am I was woken by the sound of rain pelting down – a rare sound – and revelled in the sound. It also only lasted for about twenty minutes; enough to freshen the air and to give new hope for the garden and all living things around us.

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  2. Rain can get a bum wrap in certain varied messages, but it is also relative to the moment. I for one like the rain and am thankful for it, never wanting to take it for granted. Now enjoying it always is another matter…like when it rains with the upcoming anticipated picnic or on an outside wedding!

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