6 thoughts on “Saint Nicholas

  1. My youngest granddaughter and her kindergarten class celebrated St. Nicholas Day in the St. Martini Church in Cape Town – beautiful singing (which I enjoyed vicariously from afar).

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    1. I just got a note and photo from my daughter telling how my granddaughter’s school had a visit from St. Nicholas today, who put oranges in their shoes which had been left outside the classroom. They were all thrilled — I think this is a new tradition for most of them. So I don’t think they had singing.

      I was at a St. Nicholas feast day at a parish named after the saint, so it was very festive. The bishop gave gifts to all the children.


  2. Love the greenery around the icon. We do the candy in the shoes. This year was rather simplistic. I’m thinking I should have done more to celebrate the day. Well- tis the season, right? I can stil dig in the downstairs book shelves and find a book to read…

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