Changes inside and out.

Philadelphus lewisii

Work has begun on my backyard project!

Stonemasons Andres and Juan have been steadily at it for three days and I am excited about the progress. One of the first things they did was to clear the robust weeds from a narrow side yard and level the ground, lay down weed cloth and base rock. Tomorrow gravel will go on top of that, and I will have a utility yard. Over the course of 25 years various of us Glads have tried to grow tomatoes, melons, beans and I don’t remember what else in that space, with absolutely no fruit. It was meant for meaner service.

We will soon be able stash “sP1020209tuff” there, like firewood, the garden cart, steppingstones and buckets, to get them out of the way while working on the rest of the project, including the larger utility yard on the other side of the house.

Landscape Lady brought me more plants, two of this native mock orange (above) called Marjorie Schmidt. They will get to about five feet tall and wide, unlike standard types that grow to eight feet. They will live at either end of my patio and smell good.

After the old brick and paver path was removed, L.L. spray-painted lines showing where we want the new brick path to go.


At the end of the second day, we had this:


…and today you can see (below) the place carved out where a small patio will soon be, large enough for a bench, behind which the flowering currant bushes will be planted, and a birdhouse installed. In this picture a level is standing up back in the corner. It’s impressive how much leveling and grading and carving out needs to be done to create this space. When Mr. Glad and I made our brick walkway here thirteen years ago we didn’t do any of that, and our path didn’t keep its shape too well.


My patio is getting crowded with all the plants I have dug up to save for replanting herP1020207e or in the front yard. I bought a pot and a rolling stand for the Christmas Cactus that surprised me by blooming last spring, so that I could keep it indoors on frosty nights. I probably should move it to the garage so it can stay relatively cold, because I read that these plants need temps of 55-65° to produce a good bloom. I will try to roll it out into the sun during the daytime.

In the house, Mr. Glad and I had planned for a couple of years to put a new picture on the wall of our guest bedroom that has a Southwest theme. Pippin said we could use her photograph taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. It wasn’t until Kate was visiting me recently that she made this happen by helping me to order an enlargement online. I was purely lucky that the new blanket I’d bought didn’t clash with the colors of the agave, and now the room is all brightened up.

GLP1020125crp agave


13 thoughts on “Changes inside and out.

  1. I love seeing the progress of this adventure. Thank you for sharing. We will have to plan a sister visit to see it in person. We will try not to destroy the lawn mower next time.


    1. Jo, banishing lawn is a thrilling project. I like to think of it in strong terms like that: banish! Can you get any kind of rebate or credit from the utility company for putting in something that uses less water?


  2. Yay! Your garden/yard plans are great! My neighbor has a mock orange on my side and it is a delight.
    I think hanging new pictures is a thrill. Yours looks great!
    I was at my book club yesterday and I was noticing my friend Annie’s two living room pictures because she doesn’t have too much on the walls like I do! 🙂


  3. How exciting to start with a nearly blank slate in your back yard! The house we moved into has a front garden area that was mowed down before we moved in because a lot of the plants had died. However, the homeowners didn’t take the garden back to the dirt, but left lots of fern tangles and tufts of liriope and another little ground cover that is resurrecting itself, as well as small stumps of shrubs.. The area is crying out for a makeover, but since we are just renters I don’t want to dig everything up, amend the soil and start again. But your project is so inspiring! Can’t wait to see the finished yard. The print is beautiful, too.


  4. Exciting plans! How big is your Christmas Cactus? It looks huge on the floor. My CC is already blooming. It encompasses several holidays before it quits blooming for the summer months.


  5. It is coming along so nicely. You are going to have so much fun in your new backyard. Your guest room looks wonderful too.
    At least you haven’t had rain to contend with yet. 🙂
    I am cleaning out my flowerbeds today, with a shovel. I need a clean slate too. Sometimes you just have to do that don’t you? Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Oh what fun! I have been looking forward to seeing “how” the yard project is coming along. Everything looks and sounds delightful. I wonder, do you still step around where the pool once was? I think it would take some getting used to finding it no longer there. I’m curious also about any water elements you may have planned of the new landscaping plan.
    Absolutely love the picture in the bedroom!

    I’ll mail you pics of a couple of water “walls” that I hope to copy in our future yard. Thanks for sharing!


    1. For a couple of weeks I did indeed walk around the space where the pool had been! It was funny to find myself doing that. I do have a fountain planned into the space, right in the middle of where two paths meet. It may not be long now before I have something finished to post a picture of…


  7. That photograph is astounding! And it’s perfect for that room, and goes beautifully with the bedspread. Good job all around!!

    The backyard is coming along, isn’t it? You are certainly doing it the right way, and you’ll enjoy sitting back there. I think the mock orange is a nice touch.


  8. Oh my, I would love to do a side yard project. Ours is in desperate need and I really worry it is harboring unwanteds like snakes. Gorgeous photo and it looks perfect with your cover. Can’t wait to see your finished yard! Hugs from Texas – Leslie


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