13 thoughts on “Stringing with aromatics.

  1. I had to chuckle about that. I remember when we bought our house and someone had let the whole flower bed be filled with Oregano. I smelled it for days, and I still don’t like it very much.

    What a lovely garden you have. I bet that was a lot of work tying that twine.


  2. Is all of that pink and white and red the sweet peas? I had no idea they would get that large. You really are quite a gardener — I’m impressed with that set-up for the beans. A farm where I do some light picking has beans, but they’re some sort of bush beans, and get only a couple of feet tall.

    Happy gardening!

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      1. And the pole beans – or should I call them string beans, since I grow them on strings? – will grow up to the top of the strings and then will loop down again, as they keep growing, they get that tall.


  3. Your garden is a real joy (as well as a real labor!) for you….Have you ever tried Scarlet Runner beans? They are so pretty! Though not probably as good tasting or prolific as Oregon Blue Lakes….


  4. I noticed your pretty basil in that previous post. I’m a bit envious of your Blue Lakes. I tried them 3 times last year, without success. This year I planted bush beans, and have already had a little harvest. But I do love the flavor of Blue Lakes! Good job on that trellising.


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