Advent Retreat in San Francisco

The skies were gray above, the asphalt and sidewalks dark and wet below, but colors jumped out at me as we were leaving Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco this afternoon.

 Two of us had traveled to attend lectures by Father Alexander Golitzin on “The Advent of the Christ.” Father Alexander is Professor of Patristics at Marquette University, and the lectures were rich with references to ancient Judaic texts, little-known Persian Christians in the 4th Century, the Dead Sea Scrolls, New Testament scriptures and the beloved liturgical hymns that tie our salvation history together into a whole.

My heart and mind didn’t want Fr. Alexander to stop, even though I had the feeling as of a voice saying, “Whoa — that is a bit much to feed me all at once.” I left the cathedral worn out and happy, holding my notebook full of scrawls that I hope to meditate on further.

The flowers, though….they must be part of the large family of metaphors that tell about God taking on human flesh, entering our world as an infant at a particular point in history. Something about beauty and color and brightness breaking into the winter.

10 thoughts on “Advent Retreat in San Francisco

  1. Lovely flowers…and church. I was in San Francisco for the glorification of Vladika John…gosh 15 or so years ago! It was amazing. I was there again about 10 years ago and got to spend a lot of time at Golden Gate park, in Chinatown, at Holy Virgin Cathedral (I worked at the school there for 3 months).

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  2. Oh Joanna, this sounds fascinating! I'd love to go to something like this.
    And San Francisco, always beautiful, isn't it? Not to mention, some of the best restaurants in the world!

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