Homey December Images

The most frequent vision before my eyes in the last days has been this little doll coat on which I am sewing a length of braid. Notice the word length. How can a little coat have such a long braid? I did not sew it by machine for very good reasons, too complicated to write about right now. The deadline for mailing the doll’s wardrobe is fast approaching so there is no time for philosophizing either.

I have been seeing the cats come by more frequently with the rainy and sunless weather.  New Cat pictured here is friendlier than Jim, the black cat who’s still eating at my step, going on a year now.


 This morning I built a fire in the stove just so I could take a picture of my new semi-antique and only partly worn out Persian rug (yes, it’s from Iran!) to advantage. From now on the image of our family/dining room will be brighter even without a log fire.

10 thoughts on “Homey December Images

  1. Be sure to post pics of the doll's clothes when you finish them! The coat looks regal. And the rug is gorgeous! Those types of rugs are better when they're worn and used, than others are when they're new – congrats on a nice find!


  2. So charming! When Rob was in Iraq, he bought a Persian carpet that was made in Iran, too. And we also have a sweet woodstove! So warm and cozy…looks like yours has a blower, too. We use ours practically all day, every day now. It's an Applachian Stove.


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