The beauty of souls and red rock.

Colorado Springs – I am still here with Soldier and Joy’s family, but having a quiet and slow morning, as Joy has taken the children to visit an old friend she ran into at church. Today is cold again, after a week of warm and sunny weather, and the winter season will settle in before the end of the month with freezing temps every night. The town lies at 6300 ft. elevation, with Pikes Peak in view, so one would expect a mountainous feel to the air and the seasons.

I’m a little homesick for my usual mild climate and the abundance of beautiful plants all year long. This Airbnb house is in a neighborhood that appears a little drab to me. Is the relative dryness of the region the region the reason that the leaves on the trees don’t turn beautiful colors, but merely shrivel and lose their color before falling? Out the window we see a broad and flat expanse of dirt and dry weeds between 40-yr-old housing tracts, where it seems more houses are now going to be built, so if you are a little boy who likes to identify excavators and cement mixers you will enjoy that view. I tire of it and lift my eyes just a bit to the large sky, and one morning, there was a sunrise palette.

All the males and I went on an outing to Manitou Springs on the weekend, where more than a hundred years ago bricks from ancient Anasazi ruins in the Four Corners area of the Southwest were used to build a full-size replica of cliff dwellings. It was fun for the boys to walk through the passageways and explore rooms cut into the rock, and there was even a small arrangement of native plants by way of a botanical garden for me to investigate while they went through the dwellings a second and third time. I love that red rock!

The natural beauty I have most appreciated has not been of the broad landscape, but what I’ve found close up, like the above, and the ubiquitous junipers and blue spruce that will stay fresh and green all winter, and which are a  clean contrast to the nearly aways blue sky. The town is known for the way the sun shines all or part of the vast majority of days. Yesterday I had the boys to myself for a few hours and they ran outside on the green grass; we scooped up leaves with a snow shovel and I taught them to run and jump in our little pile. The leaves smelled sooo good.

The most sublime images of creation I encounter day by day are the humans, with their souls that glow with the life God gave them, and who have the potential to be changed into His likeness as they follow the desires of their deepest longings. I am in awe of the parents’ conscientious care of the children, the thousand responsive decisions they must make every day about how to answer questions, how to deal with squabbles and tantrums and meltdowns — after they have already made many intentional and pro-active planning decisions.

I know, I also used to do that same job day after day, and I wonder at the person I was! It’s all of God’s grace, that we have the strength to do it again the next morning, and that the children grow up at least somewhat prepared to live without the constant supervision and training that they need early on. If they can learn to return to God time after time after time, to receive forgiveness and everything else they need, that will be the best thing.

11 thoughts on “The beauty of souls and red rock.

  1. Beautiful! Yes, one can always find beauty when one looks for it! I loved this especially and agree deeply: If they can learn to return to God time after time after time, to receive forgiveness and everything else they need, that will be the best thing.

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  2. The replica rock dwelling places look like a child’s wonderland. Small wonder that they wanted to go through a second and even a third time.

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  3. As we conscientiously and responsively care for children, I think we grow up, too…

    Next time the family comes out to CA, the boys might like the California Railroad Museum, right next to Old Town in Sacramento.

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  4. I love seeing your pictures. I loved your words too. I will be doing what you are doing this weekend and I will ponder how in the world did I do that too. I think it looks beautiful. Have you gone on your visit yet to see Pom Pom? I wish I could be there and listen to you both talk. You sound a bit homesick. You are such a busy grandma this year. Take care my friend.

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  5. Yes, I often wonder how we had the energy to raise our kids! I have to remind myself that I don’t really have that energy now, and let my younger, more energetic kids take on most of the hard stuff, lol. Little boys do love to climb. My daughter is philosophical about it and lets little Sully get some bumps and bruises. I always feel like I have to save him. It can wear a person out! 🙂 My son and daughter-in-law stayed in an Airbnb this past summer in Colorado. I guess they differ quite a bit in how quaint they are/aren’t. 🙂

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