Well — can you guess who this is?

This child brand-new to the world is my great-granddaughter.
Yes, you read that right, my great-granddaughter.

Bearing and raising children has been the sweetest part of my of my whole life. Frequently after you raise them they beget children, and typically one receives grandchildren and the joy of them without doing anything to accomplish it or deserve it. Now, one more remove from there, and suddenly I “have” a great-grandchild. That I should be able to say that she is in some sense mine is very humbling. It’s just a wonder.

21 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Sincere congratulations to her parents and grandparents and great grandparents! Oh, may her life be a blessing to herself and all who know and love her.


  2. What wonderful news!! Blessings on the little one and her parents as well as great-grandmother.


  3. Congratulations. Being a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and Godmother is the greatest joy in my life too!


  4. What a blessing, indeed. Your joy shines through, and sheer delight. Knowing a great-grandmother is as precious as having a great-grandchild. Yours will have the best possible experience, I’m sure.


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