All the cozy things a girl needs.

What more could a girl want on a fall evening? Here (in a photo Pippin sent) Ivy has Fred the new kitten, Black Beauty which she is continuing from where we left off together last week, a soft blanket and the flannel nightgown I made for her last year about this time. Oh, and a black stuffie horse is peeking out from under her book. I wonder if he is reading along silently, or being read to. I find the scene pretty inspiring!

12 thoughts on “All the cozy things a girl needs.

  1. Very endearing. 🙂 I see you’ve read ‘How Green Was my Valley’ recently. When I was in my teens and living up in the north of Western Australia, a place that was fairly devoid of culture then -I think of it as the Wild West in my memory – anyhow we did have ABC radio & they broadcast chapters of the book which we listened to in the car in the afternoons on the trek home from school. I think it may have been abridged or some of the content went over my head but I was rapt as I listened. It was so beautifully written & I must get myself a copy and read it.


    1. The prose is very poetic, and at times sounds a little flowery to our modern American ears. But I feel that it was authentic to the time and that culture. I’ll be interested to hear how you like it. I listened to it on Audible, which I highly recommend, for the brogue!


  2. Perfect contentment. That flannel gown looks wonderfully cozy. Black Beauty is trending across several things I’ve read lately (mentioned in a book where a librarian reads BB to her group of children).


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