The Road from Coorain

I have just begun reading a book of memoirs that Pearl gave me last week. I share this snippet not because of any metaphorical application but just for its worthiness.

On the plains, the horizon is always with us and there is no retreating from it. Its blankness travels with our every step and waits for us at every point of the compass. Because we have very few reference points on the spare earth, we seem to creep over it, one tiny point of consciousness between the empty earth and the overarching sky.

–Jill Ker Conway in The Road from Coorain

5 thoughts on “The Road from Coorain

  1. That was a good read for me too. Fascinating look at what it was like to grow up not quite fitting in, in those days, in the land Down Under. It inspired me to read the sequel but I found that one not as interesting and never finished it. Just now I discovered a TV Movie was made of The Road from Coorain, released here in December 2003.

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  2. I have not heard of this. Reading your post out of context–even after your caveat that you were not seeing it as some kind of analogy– the description brought to mind St John’s Dark Night of the Soul. The blankness–like the darkness–not a negative experience, like we Americans might assume. I hope I will be able to read this book and see the movie.

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  3. This sounds like my kind of book. I’m going to look for it.

    I remember a friend who came out to our ranch and when she rode out into the middle of a pasture, she said she “felt out to sea” because there was so much openness and no landmarks.

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