All nature stretches…

We have rain, thank the Lord. My newly planted kale starts (sprouted and nurtured igl-kale-p1050630n the greenhouse!) are very happy with the weather. I’ve been busy battening down the hatches, which includes battling with mice and rats who found my garage a cozy place to set up housekeeping for the winter. I’m thankful for them at this point, because they have forced me to clean the garage from top to bottom. Dear little things – and I’m trying not to be sarcastic – I know they are doing what is normal and right for them.

As the earthly light dims, here in the Northern Hemisphere, I feel the reality of God’s never-waning Light. Wherever you live, may you be nurtured by His gifts this moment and every day.

Every creature has in it the instinct to be as true as possible to what God created it to be. Even plants have this directive in them. All nature stretches toward the nurture it requires for its fulfillment – the “daily bread,” so-to-speak, that it needs for its survival… We have, every one of us, been planted facing the earthly darkness of sin and death. This business of making our way upward and into the daylight, to blossom forth as the individuals God made us to be – this is the enlightened life to which our inborn instinct calls us… The Lord Jesus Christ is always reaching even into the darkest places on earth and inside our souls to draw us into a blessed life. As the Apostle Peter wrote, “He has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9) Likewise the Prophet Isaiah said, “Upon those who sat in the dark region and shadow of death, the light has shined.” (Matthew 4:16, Isaiah 9:2)

~Dee Pennock, God’s Path to Sanity

10 thoughts on “All nature stretches…

  1. I am so glad you are having rain. I was thinking about you and the rain I saw on the news. I know it must feel so nice. It’s beautiful here too. It feels like fall.

    I think you have a wonderful attitude. I have a hard time being joyful with rodents. 🙂

    Lovely post.

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  2. I don’t think I could eventually stomach eating those beautiful little kales. But if they are following the “instinct to be as true as possible to what God created it [them] to be,” I guess it’s OK.

    Thanks for the “wherever-you-live” prayer. I want to do more of that for others.

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  3. I’m so accustomed to kale as medium or dark green in maturity, your lovely kale-babies surprised me with their pastels. They’re truly lovely.

    Once upon a time, I learned apartment dweller lesson #528: do not stack fireplace wood on the balcony. Creatures will take one look, and move in. How the mice got to the second floor, I’m still not sure, but in the end, they got to stay for a while, because of the babies.


    1. Linda, that is Red Russian kale, my favorite. The young leaves can be used in salads, they are so tender, and the mature plants have also always produced mild and medium-sized leaves for me — until the plants I bought last year, which turned out to be the strongest-tasting kale I’d ever eaten, an heirloom variety I hope to avoid in the future. I hope the seeds I grew this summer were of the older type like before.

      About the mice – are you saying that you discovered nests with babies and let them grow up? Brambly Hedge, indeed 🙂


  4. Thank you, God, for rain! We had some too! It’s going to get cold here, likely frost, so I’ll have to pull up the tomatoes. Happy for your kale! I like the quote so much and your heart about the mice. I do NOT like mice, but I understand that they are only doing what God created them to do. They can’t be anything else but mice!

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  5. Rats and mice. I guess I think: Brambly Hedge?

    I’m glad you have rain!

    I like thinking about all the ways we lean toward the light, shift ourselves to receive it, and look for it hungrily when we get too far away from Him.

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  6. Are you planting any dino kale ( Lacinato)? I have some starts that I wish I had already gotten into a bed, now that some rain has fallen.

    Yesterday we made one of our treks east and as I enjoyed the golden grasses on the round small hills I sensed the signals the autumn changes bring; it may soon be time to say goodbye to that sun bleached hue in our landscape.

    Thank you for your prayerful observation.

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    1. LL, That reminds me of what my father told me about his orange groves. He said there has to be actual rain, something atmospheric, for the oranges to develop in size. In that case, in the absence of fall rains, you can irrigate and irrigate and everything will be healthy, they will ripen and be delicious, but small….


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