At the heart of their psychology.

“It was Dostoevsky, once again, who drew from the French Revolution and its seeming hatred of the Church the lesson that ‘revolution must necessarily begin with atheism.’ That is absolutely true. But the world had never before known a godlessness as organized, militarized, and tenaciously malevolent as that practiced by Marxism. Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions. Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy; it is not a side effect, but the central pivot.”

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Fyodor Dostoevsky

5 thoughts on “At the heart of their psychology.

  1. And this makes my chest tighten with its truth and the intensity of its message exploding right before our eyes, worldwide.

    Pilate’s smug statement of “What is truth?” has overtaken academia and crippled our society. But there is truth and there is an answer to evil, and it is redemptive.

    I am enjoying listening to Handel’s Messiah on my CD player😊. Especially since all performances are cancelled…

    I should write you a bit of an email. The rocket stove by the way works great. But it can be a bit smoky.


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