My pink and minty view.

I’ve been taking evening walks, and have been loving the way the light catches different aspects of the plants from what I see in the morning, even the very early morning. It’s been a wonderful week, with lots of time for me to catch up on a hundred different things, but in an unhurried way. More on all that, and the creekside views, to come.

Tonight I just want to show you a view that I have out my kitchen window for much of the day. The pink-orange hummingbird mint in the sun, me in the shade, I see it across the garden as a delicate curtain, with other flower heads also floating off to the side. I need to remember not to plant anything that will block it out of my sight when I’m standing at that counter. The picture was taken this evening.

gl P1050228


10 thoughts on “My pink and minty view.

  1. Delightful! I think of Autumn Joy Sedum as a possible addition to that area. The flower head, or comb, begins cauliflower white (with maybe a tinge of green) progressing through pink to rose to a deep burgundy in the Fall. I always enjoy the gradual color change! I think you would too. What a wonderful view. Thank you for sharing your joy!


    1. DeAnn, I have quite a bit of Autumn Joy in my garden, so you and the designer think alike! – It is one of the plants off to the right in that picture, now somewhat mixed in with the yarrow blooms. There’s more on the other side of that large planting area, not visible from this view… It has been blooming almost from the time it was planted, so, for nine months… a Year-Round Joy. 🙂


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