Winter and Spring

bearded iris

Last night just as I was ready to go upstairs to bed, I thought about how I hadn’t checked my fountain in the back garden for a couple of days, and the rain had fallen in very small quantities of late… so I went out in the dark with my flashlight and sure enough, I had let it go dry.  I could hear the pump whirring inside but there was no water for it to pump up to tube, so nothing was trickling down.

I grabbed the hose and filled the bowl, but still nothing happened, even after a few minutes. So I turned it off for the night and decided I would deal with it after the sun came up. When I went out this morning I had rolled up my sleeves to pull open the “door” to the inside of the fountain where the little pump does its thing. I had put several inches of water in last night and had to shove my arm through all of that and wiggle the pump out of its cramped space inside.

Usually some leaves and debris have clogged the intake, but nothing much was there this time. I rapped the pump against the side of the fountain, because the people who sold it to me told me to do that if it stops. In the few seconds that all that took, my hands were going from painfully cold to numb. The water was like snowmelt. I didn’t bother to put the pump back but I turned on the switch again and water immediately began falling from the upper bowl. I just left the pump sitting in the water outside its compartment and ran indoors to rescue my blue hands. That was my winter’s morning.

But the afternoon was Spring. I drove only fifteen miles inland to the dentist and it was a sunny 72°. When I came home more flowers were blooming – the hellebores are going to town, and a new bearded iris had opened.

For my town they are forecasting 75° for next week – yay! But by then, we will have Sprung Forward for the sake of our crazy time-tampering 😦  Should that be the definitive sign of Spring in our Northern Hemisphere? I don’t think so! It is more like a trial and tribulation of the season, but at least that has the potential to make us pray more, and that’s very appropriate to Lent. God can use anything! Glory to God!



9 thoughts on “Winter and Spring

  1. Isn’t it funny how even the smallest things change? In the old, mechanical, analog world, tapping or shaking were preferred first steps when dealing with something that wasn’t functioning. Today? It’s “unplug it, let it rest a minute, and plug it back in.” For some reason, that amuses me. As for daylight saving time — I still can’t get over the number of people who truly believe we gain an “extra” hour in the day when it comes.

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  2. sigh. yep, lent and loosing an hour of sleep! such a pretty fountain! I can imagine how cold your hands were! I am glad it is working again! We have snow in forecast for tomorrow but then, I think, warmer again.

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  3. The contrasts in temperature made me think about what we call in Japan the ‘sankanshion’ (sun-kun-shee-on), meaning 3 days cold, 4 days warm, that is a characteristic of moving into spring. Beautiful flowers, by the way!

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  4. What a lovely fountain. And the Hellebore is lovely; can’t wait for mine to pick themselves up from the ground where the snow and rain have battered them.

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