In one of my doodle 7 may 16peaceful hours of the last week I talked a long time on the phone with Kate. I had a notepad handy to write down important upcoming dates in her life, and I used my pen to create one of the abstract messes that decorate my phone notebooks.

After we hung up, I realized it had turned into a heart, and was fun to look at. When I aimed my camera at it and tilted it this way and that, the autofocus could not decide what to do, and made the lines all shimmery.



12 thoughts on “doodle-ee-doo

  1. I think drawing parallel hatching marks like that is particularly satisfying. Yup, I see the heart and the chicken! 🙂


  2. So funny that people are seeing chickens and roosters in your marvelous doodle–when I saw your title, I thought of the old time fiddle tune “Cluck Old Hen,” which goes, “Cluck old hen, doodle-ee-doo, cluck old hen, cocka-doodle-ee-do”!



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