Blue skies improve the mood.

Those who aren’t severely affected by wildfires to the point of being evacuated temporarily or permanently from their homes, and who continue to go about their usual work, might still be vaguely or acutely affected by smoke. Some of my family in northern California and southern Oregon have had weeks of smoke that keeps them indoors, makes the sky dark and the air muggy. Even here, my eyes are scratchy. It all has a distracting and depressing effect, though one is not always fully conscious of it.

But this morning my daughter Pippin exclaimed, “Today, the sky is blue!” and sent a photo to prove it. I had recently joined in one blog draft a photo she took in England and a poem, which I’m publishing in celebration of blue skies. They are currently a welcome background for sheep or clouds or what have you.


When I came forth this morn I saw
Quite twenty cloudlets in the air;
And then I saw a flock of sheep,
Which told me how these clouds came there.

That flock of sheep, on that green grass,
Well might it lie so still and proud!
Its likeness had been drawn in heaven,
On a blue sky, in silvery cloud.

I gazed me up, I gazed me down,
And swore, though good the likeness was,
‘Twas a long way from justice done
To such white wool, such sparkling grass.

-William Henry Davies

Pippin Pic of Yorkshire Dales

11 thoughts on “Blue skies improve the mood.

  1. Blue skies and clear air are such a blessing. Though we’ve had no smoke to contend with this year, we’ve had Saharan dust, and it’s on its way back. I believe it’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow night or Monday. Isn’t that amazing? that we can predict the movement of air around the world, but can’t seem to find a way to clear the air among people?

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  2. These fires have happened yet again! You know as I swam this morning I gazed into the skies and the blue sky and the large clouds wowed me with their stark beauty, very much like your photo. Without the charming sheep, of course.

    I went back to August 8, 2013 to read your post about honey, and the blessing being given…from my side we are the recipients of the blessing, and we feel rich!

    Oh, and while there in August 2013, I also gathered an Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut cookie recipe…rich!

    I answered the question about what we do with that much honey on comments.

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  3. Good news for you, and better for your family up north!

    Milky skies here above our thick wet air, but things change so quickly that tomorrow we may see that blue and some of those “cloudlets.”

    A dear friend recently moved near you, and our son and his family live not far from L.A. in beautiful but now threatened foothills, so we worry along with you and all those in dry country this summer.

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      1. Thank you, Gretchen, for your kind thoughts. Our son and the his family are safe (for now), though they live within easy sight of forested mountains (San Gabriel, I think)– so danger is always on our minds. Prayers for you and yours,


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