People will gather around us like bees.

Let us scatter our love selflessly to all, without regard to the way they act towards us. When the grace of God enters us, we will not be concerned about whether they love us or not or whether they speak to us politely or not. We will feel the need to love all people. It’s egotism on our part to wish for others to speak to us politely. If they don’t, we shouldn’t be upset. Let them speak to us as they wish. We needn’t become beggars for love.

Our aim should be to love them and pray for them with all our soul. Then we will become aware that all people love us without our seeking it and without our begging for their love. They will love us freely and sincerely from the depths of their heart without our blackmailing them. When we love without seeking to be loved, people will gather around us like bees. This is true for everyone.

—Elder Porphyrios, Wounded by Love

11 thoughts on “People will gather around us like bees.

  1. A wonderful saint, and a wonderful book. There’s a passage four paragraphs long starting on page 137 with “Forget about all your weaknesses . . .” that I’ve made a copy of and put it where I will see it so I can read it often; it’s so encouraging and helpful. The book is full of such treasures.

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  2. Wow, that was beautiful! “Let us scatter our love selflessly to all….” Reminds me of the seed sower in Jesus’s parable. I’m thankful and glad that my friend Al shared your site with me, and plan on returning for more visits!

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  3. That’s excellent. How different his words are from the common thinking of our day: “Avoid rude people. Be rude back to them. Teach them a lesson.” Plus people today (online esp.) seem to spend much time criticizing others for offending them. As he says, why bother with that? Why do I let it bother me? That phrase, “without our blackmailing them”!!! Isn’t it true? We say to others pretty much, “I will be polite to you if you’re polite to me first.” We put conditions on our love.

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  4. Reblogged this on Divine. Incarnate. and commented:
    At the end of Spring I was led to Gladsome Lights and these beautiful words of an Orthodox Saint. Their image of love is shining all around me this summer, so I’m sharing the quote in my First Monday Reblog — and striving to live the truth in my life.

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