The sound earth turns to mud.

The poet was remembering a friend who had recently died, when he wrote:

Today the cold rain falls,
A north wind shakes the walls,
The sound earth turns to mud.
The river in brown flood
Will not return the clay
It lifts and bears away.
Now may love equal fear,
As death begins the year.

-Wendell Berry, from A Timbered Choir

9 thoughts on “The sound earth turns to mud.

    1. No, I don’t share that aspect of Berry’s experience, but found his poem evocative of our local feeling of winter, and the struggle to not get pulled under. That picture is of the creek near my house and how it often looks about now.

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      1. I understand that. I love snow and all the beauty of winter and think it must just be the less sunlight that makes me feel so…and looking forward as each day brings a wee more sun.

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