We prune and purge.

I had a wonderful day, though it was very odd at the beginning. Instead of my usual slow and contemplative morning pace, I had to go downstairs early to phone my auto insurance company as soon as their business hours began, in hopes of asking a simple question of A Real Person, as we say. I had begun to wonder, over the previous several days, if there were any of those on duty. It worked, and I made progress; but I’ll have to do the same thing on Monday.

The contemplative part of the day got postponed and shortened a bit, but it was rich and thought-provoking, as usual. I can’t go into detail about all of that, because most of the day was given to housework, of the purging/organizing sort that I’m making a priority this year. To top it off, the gardener came late in the afternoon, and pruned more trees and bushes. When he is here I usually also work in the garden or tidy up the garage.

It was lovely to be in the garden and not get wet. Eleven days of the last two weeks were rainy; I was reminded today that January in my area is the month with the most rainfall, and that was a blessing in several ways. When it rains, we are rarely forbidden to burn wood, so my house has been cozy from all the fires I’ve been able to keep going, and the wood stove often keeps putting out heat until the afternoon of the next day. That means that when I wake up I am not so cold I threaten to go into dormancy, and I can put my mind to ideas and projects other than going back to bed or making multiple mugs of hot cocoa.

First Alejandro leveled the fountain. I don’t know why it gets wonky so easily, causing all the water to fall off one side of the upper tier. I am not very skillful at evening it out by myself.

The lemon tree, strawberry tree, and at least one pomegranate bush got trimmed and shaped, and much more order was restored to the garage and garden. Recently I mentioned about how the lemon tree was gangly and out of control, and my helper did have confidence about what to do now, and what we’ll do a little later. It looks much better after we removed several branches. I am always surprised at how good my lemon tree smells. I brought in a few of the trimmings and put them in a vase so that every time I come into the room I will get a whiff of that delicious scent.

16 thoughts on “We prune and purge.

  1. Your lemon tree is lovely! I can imagine the clean lemon scent in the house. I am doing the same this year, purging and decluttering. We have had lots of wind and rain lately, and tornado warnings (in January), so I look forward to sunny days.

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    1. He was just a novice when he worked for the landscaper installing plants here seven years ago, and didn’t know much, but he’s gained a wealth of experience and understanding in many gardens and job situations since then. I’m so grateful.


  2. I would love to have a lemon tree. Not happening here, but oh, I love how you brought in the pruned branches. And glad the rain has eased, although I know it’s sorely needed, and also that you could have a cozy fire. It all sounds rather nice!

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    1. The one person I knew who did that was my daughter Pearl, when she lived in Maryland. She had a little lemon tree in a sunroom. It had a problem with insect infestation and I can’t remember how long she continued her experiment.


  3. Your lemon trimming bouquet is beautiful. Nature in the home nourishes the soul in the best way. I enjoy your garden through your blog and happy you can grow such lovely plants ❤️.

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  4. The trimmings from your lemon tree make a magnificent bouquet! It’s lovely to have someone to help with gardening and if that person is also knowledgeable then it’s doubly lovely. I have my youngest son who is very helpful but does only and exactly what I ask him to do. So when I’m in doubt about any plant I go on the internet to find what answers I can find. Then together we get it done.


  5. I love the scent of lemon and the taste of lemon. I’ve never thought of decorating with lemons, but of course the trees are either not available to us or so precious that they’re babied beyond belief. Oranges seem to do a bit better, and oddly enough I’ve seen a lot of lemon trees bearing fruit in Louisiana. Lemon curd with fresh blueberries in a meringue shell is one of my favorite desserts — too bad its so humid here I’ve never had meringues turn out well.


  6. I miss that lemon scent! I was afraid I let my young potted lemon tree, which hasn’t grown any lemons yet, die in an early frost because I didn’t bring it inside in time, but it has a new sprout growing. We shall see how unevenly the tree grows when things warm up enough for it to go back outside.


      1. Not really – it has been so ravaged by drought that I prune it (usually when there is no fruit) into shape whenever its branches make it difficult to reach the lemons.

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