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Not mathematics, but identity.

christ-pasa-pnoi-angels“…for modern students of religion—generally speaking—monotheism involves a fundamentally mathematical thesis, ‘There is one God,’ as distinct from ‘more or fewer’ than one God; start counting gods, and when you get to one, stop counting. Consequently, all those who believe in one God must logically believe in the same God.

“This approach to monotheism is what allows our contemporaries to speak of ‘the monotheistic religions.’ Their thesis is simple: ‘Since there is only one God, all those who believe in one God believe in the same God. Their differences are those of development and/or expression.’

“This thesis is not only simple; it is simply absurd. Biblical monotheism is not about mathematics; it is about God’s identity: Who is this one God? Who he is, is the essential question.”

Read the whole (short) article here: “The Only Lord We Know: On the Confession of the One True God” by James M. Kushiner and Patrick Henry Reardon, in Touchstone Magazine.