Pruning and Cats

Last year at this time we still had Kitty Zoë. Here she is beautifying the prunings from the cherry plum tree. That tree is the most vigorous grower of anything on the property, which means that my husband has to climb up in the branches and prune it back with a variety of tools. I hate it when he does that; I usually stay in the house and pray.

We had only had Zoë and Gus for a few months when she was hit by a car. Gus then had a personality change and became a wonderful guy. Until that point he had let Zoë be the charming one.
The sad thing is, he has no one to play with anymore, and we don’t get to watch the two of them scampering and scuffling together. I’d kind of like to have a second cat, in hopes of having that experience again. But that’s greedy; Gus does the job of keeping us entertained and making the house a more warm and lively place, now that there are no children here. A baby in the house is the best thing for keeping one’s priorities straight, for slowing a person down. But a cat is second-best.

One last picture of Zoë as she was decorating the Lambs’ Ears. I haven’t been able to catch Gus in the garden, as he is always chasing leaves or butterflies. Say, perhaps I do require another cat to fill that role!

2 thoughts on “Pruning and Cats

  1. Ah, so the entertainment of Gus, his keeping the house warm and lively “slows” you down. I know Phobe startles me into heightened appreciation so that I am “slowed down” to awareness. And Zoe…and other precious little animals we have ever so shortly known.


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