Make Way for Goslings

It was a foggy morning, but warm weather was expected to assault my newly-planted beds and pots at church, so I made a quick and early trip over to make sure everything was moist. Not as quick as expected because as I drove past the lakeside park between my house and the church, the waterfowl were making one of their frequent expeditions into the street, and I noticed–goslings!

Normally this is the scene. It’s amazing how many different directions all these creatures can point in at once, when I am trying to take their picture.

We also have Canada Geese, but you have to see this picture I got off the Web of a gander from somewhere else, because ours were segregated this morning, way down at the other end of the park.




Mom and aunties had decided it was time for nine goslings to learn how to cross the street. There is a small grassy area and shrubbery on the other side, too, and at any time of day, commute traffic or no, any number of the flock may meander across.

“Come on, kids!”
“But, Mom!”

Some of the relatives are on their way back to the park.
Discipline is starting to break down.

It appears that the children are getting an earful of scolding.

“Look, Mom, in this gutter! There is something wonderful! Why don’t we hang out here for a while?” Evidently that is just what they did, because when I drove back by an hour later, they were in this exact position!

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