What is Spot’s Name?

Mr. Glad has determined that Spot is a girl, and he doesn’t like calling her Spot. Even if she never fully becomes our cat, I also would like her to have a good name. Any ideas?

She is not cuddly. She is lean and energetic, confident about sneaking in and using our litter box (which Gus spurns) and stealing our toys. But she doesn’t like to be picked up, and growls when we try to hold her. The Classic Bengal has gold eyes, I just read today. So she’s something other than classic. Her blue eyes are the most beautiful thing about her, I think.

I’m not a natural at naming. I need to get on with my quilt project. So if one of you out there has any suggestions, I’d welcome any and all!

6 thoughts on “What is Spot’s Name?

  1. She looks like an ocelot. “Lottie”? Very unusual looking kitty. R. suggests “Enigma”
    B. doesn't like “Spot”? How 'bout “Stripes”? “Benji”'s not quite right for a girl kitty.
    “Blue”, “Ben-Gal” “Bengali” “orphan Annie”
    Make it something you won't be embarrassed calling out in the neighborhood, like, “here, Puddles!”

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  2. You are all good blogfriends–or would that be blegfriends in this case?–to help me out. B. decided by fiat that he will call her Ocelot. (thanks, Mark) Yes, I still like Spot, too. Maybe she can have two names. I also liked Beulah and Stella and Button, as in “cute as a” and Bachelor's Buttons for eyes….
    But–I didn't see her at all today.


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